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Pou me pas? [Where are you taking me?]


I had nestled down sane and secure;
soon, despite what I thought, I could no more endure.
I slinked away from my soul’s trickery ado,
I broke a moment to pieces and drunk it all through.
Good for me! My bliss is bare,
my warmth changed places with my dewiness’ air.
My shadow, you came to me and held on
in party with all my carryings-on.
Your turn now! Grab a fear and hurry upstream,
wring all the hope that’s there in your dream.
And prepare yourself to go the whole way,
where mind wins over, where you throw evil away.
Where are you taking me, why go therein?
I swallowed the keys, and locked myself in,
in case I' m saved, my foreign, vicious, dirty thought.
To which folly should I promise love, if you 're caught?
In which folly is the trap; in which land
hides the heavenly hand?
I cower; you' ve sensed it and hurt me.
My sick obsession, where will you take me?

Where are you taking me?
Let me stay for a while, I might see the full moon tonight.
Where are you taking me?
I’m so thirsty, but I ’ll keep my mouth tight.
Where are you taking me?
My unwilling body doesn’t ask for your love.
Where are you taking me?
I got used to this place, its weird color kind of.

It’s got a weird kind of color; it’ s blurry,
moon-naggy star, lost in a hurry
changing places in its own lost time
takes me along, so I am what I am.
Careless thinking of mine, your beauty I kill.
Fire, I strangle my voice in the still.
But, I won’t stand it, if for my sake you’ re sorry;
with all the few I ’ve got, just burn me wholly.
Stay with me while my reasoning fails,
dewy shadow of mine and liquor in my entrails
grafted with some happiness’ scent,
you are a coward obsession bearing death’s torment,
that pulls me into a dream false all the same
draft after draft into a mouth weak without shame
that never denies some, when its lips are dry.
Bottle and tongue, friends in strong tie,
good friends that dwell
for years in the very ol’ cell
I thought I was outside, I thought I was free;
obsession, where are you taking me? I ’m down on my knee.

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