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Mine eki [=Stay there]


What ’re you doing? Everything wants your caress,
but you ’d rather eat up from their excess.
You run after darkness in trackless arcades,
you pull moments and burn them in flames.
You stay behind the silent litany; thereof,
you cower to live and to love.
You lessen all great things and all the fair,
you boss around giving orders unfair.
You are sailing awry along an awry seashore,
you drop your anchor somewhere, but in your mind there’s a war.
You’re after a fairy scared and oppressed,
you submit to your fate that treats you as blest.
She breastfeeds you and cares without pause;
still she keeps you in her constricting claws.
She dresses you just like a sun and sets you in new orbit,
she combs your hair, washes your face with extra venom on it.
She lessens you among all little things;
now you’re a fly touching all over with its wings.
You ’ll never know your smallness’ face, because it quails,
and only those who are aware can walk on hidden trails.
But even they are getting less, so living lost its spirit.
Life bears a child and when it’s old, she turns it out and kills it.
Then, all the things that go away, I miss them less in every way
and if myself is getting less, it is my turn to pass away.
Wish I could see all the newborn
and cry beside all those who ’re gone.
Wish I could see places unknown,
unless I ’m less; so then I won’t.

Everything in life is getting less.
Today sells up for tomorrow with tremble.
Every dream is getting less and less.
Our poor and patched heart in despair.
Everything in love is getting less.
Carnivorous plants we resemble.
Everything in death is getting less.
My unborn brother, stay there…

Stay ther; over here it’s the fear’s sovereign,
you can’t smell the wet soil just after the rain.
Crowded young people sell out their strength,
charged with evil from the day of their birth.
Listen to me, I sense a warm kind of pall.
In an ugly body I live and feel so small.
I’m not invulnerable, I’m not as smart as I want,
but I’ve got something of my own to vaunt.
In a gigantic bowl it might look like a drop
or the first step of a stairway without top.
It’s just that everything else has lost its meaning.
Time, I’m so glad you ’re intervening.
It’s just that their shadow sometimes surrounds me.
But even the biggest thing can’t really harm me.
I keep sharpening for years my words and my soul;
hence, I determine my own little role.

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