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Kaskarika Tour

Fri, 05/10/2013 - 10:52


Kaskarika Tour / 7 - 24 May 2013


B.D.Foxmoor & Luka Lesson


A special tour during May which will be documented on camera.


Press Release:


Kaskarika Tour: B.D.Foxmoor (Active Member) & Luka Lesson / 7-24 May 2013


B.D.Foxmoor (of Active Member), a lyricist and a music producer, is the first one who not only tried to join the Greek language with the hip hop form, but also introduced a new term to emphasize the mostly evident connection between one's word and life: Low Bap.


The Greek Australian Luka Lesson, both a poet and a hip hop artist devoted on constantly creating bridges of creativity between these two, speaks about love and leads his audience to a social change passing through ancestral  and primal routes.


The two of them get engaged during May of 2013 into a Spoken Word Tour called the Kaskarika Tour which is to take place in various places all over Greece. Their relationship began as a farce (or kaskarika which is the relevant word in Greek). The same-titled song was recorded on November 2012 for the Arsenali studio album of Active Member. From that point on, another journey had begun for Luka, who either way travels the world presenting his poems but he hadn't yet visited Europe and especially the land of his grand fathers. At the same time, B.D.Foxmoor (Michalis Mytakides) also intrigues himself in a different creative path as he tries for the first time to communicate his thoughts by recitation, without them being set in music which was the case up until now.


A few words about Spoken Word


Spoken Word, being a word-based performance art, is actually one of the faster up and coming literature styles in many places worldwide. In Greece, it may not be so widely known except perhaps among some specialized  cycles concerning the poetry art. The term defines the poetry which is written to be performed on stage; not on printed medium, and is often combined with other artistic forms such as theatre or music. Spoken Word performances have gained an ongoing popularity and are already being held at large music venues and festivals but also at smaller premises.






A few words about the two of them:


B.D.Foxmoor has been effectively involved in the release of 120 record projects since 1993. He is responsible for the music production of 1100 tracks released on record albums while he has both written lyrics and performed most of them. The 17th consecutive Active Member studio album is already on release while he himself has more than 15 solo studio records. His on stage appearances include numerous live performances not only in Greece but also in Europe, in prisons, festivals as well as initiatives as Motorcycle Dream Dairies, all involving groups of friends and other small artistic groups of young people. As he has repeatedly created music and written lyrics for plenty of films, documentaries and theatrical plays (most recently, in 2010, he created the Common Place theatrical play for Athens Festival), he is also actively participating in various actions concerning the word and speech of people and its direct consequence in both sociopolitical matters and life itself. Alongside Active Member, he managed to vividly draw his stigma while acting drastically upon any social issues evolving around him. In a time where not only the political word but any reason speech in general are often being found neglected, B.D.Foxmoor continues to look ahead and opens his mind even further embracing new ways of expression.


Luka Lesson is a Greek Australian artist of a different ''kind''. While being a poet, a musician and a spoken word artist, he has achieved a very unique and truthful style of having a profound emotional effect on people with his words; on a lot of people who may have chosen dissimilar ways of living. In 2010, he emerged in the Spoken Word Scene as his talent was marked out by wining various competitions including the Australian Poetry Slam and the Melbourne Poetry Festival. Since then, he is an important influence of creation at every individual approaching his art. During 2012, he endlessly traveled to Australia, Asia, Oceania and North America participating in similar Writing Festivals.


He uses hip hop and spoken word as his means of expression and truly is a very rare example of a man who is very well aware of the steps and choices to be made in order to conquer the meaning and rightful essence of these two paths of speaking. His latest album named Please Resist Me, is a powerful blend of hip hop and spoken word; 17 songs about love, social change, the paths of our ancestors and the internal quest of a person. Besides his artistic engagement, he notably dedicates himself to finding ways to support small communities or groups of people of every social scale in order to consolidate an interaction between poetry, the intellectual and psychic strengthening and the sociopolitical matters of a time.


As he has a lot of experience in organizing such workshops where he combines hip hop with poetry, his schedule at the same time includes sites like universities in China, schools in Bronx (USA) and workshops about the overcoming of a trauma via poetry.   


You should expect a poetical overflow of upright words delivered with humor knowing no limits during the tour*. An alternative performance which will start as a workshop and most certainly is to change your opinion about poetry.


*The Tour will be recorded in order to become a documentary.




Info: & 210 4022413 ( Monday till Friday: 10 am - 2 pm)




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Organized by: 8ctagon (Yolanda Tsiampokalou ltd)