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Active Member Live at Architektoniki Live Stage on 8, 15, 22 and 29 of December 2012!

Thu, 11/15/2012 - 13:17

There is always a reason to celebrate along with those who support you.
There is always a wish hidden behind troubles awaiting for you in case you dare to spell it out.
There is always, I am telling you and that's a rule, an anchor behind this black narration of times.
Find it, and rest upon it.
Share, celebrate, free yourself, shout, cry, sing. Yes, my friend, sing.
That's how we met you, that's how you met us.
That's not to be stolen by anyone.
Within this path we are well aware of the secret places and of all those things which lead to the most beautiful.
We all have left our traces there.
Therefore, we must all celebrate together the Saturdays of this December, those who are dreaming of it for years now, those who are carrying over some freshness at the fire-made and all those to whom low bap is a haven, at this corner of the world.
This is not a press release but rather an invitation, my brothers.
An invitation to all those who can and do the things in a little different way.
''Every time the moon comes full, remember
that you are not alone anymore.
Every time you'll lie in the darkness, sleep
so the time not to scare you off.
Every time the moon comes full, don't feel afraid,
the older one knows something more.
Raise up your head, damned you,
we can still exist in so many other ways!''

Active Member Live Concerts
(a discography retrospect through the 20 years of the group and live presentation of the Arsenali studio album)
8, 15, 22 and 29 December 2012 - Architektoniki Live Stage (6 Elasidon & Pireos str.)
Doors open: 21:30 (and up until we last)
Entrance: 10 euros (if it still exists at that time)
(in case of this country's falling apart, we will come up with something)