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1st European Low Bap Festival

1st European Lowbap Festival

The 1st European Lowbap Festival was finished two months ago. Since then, other obligations have arisen and some new festivals are in train to be organised. Nevertheless, on the 27 of September 2002 we lived a lowbap feast. Therefore, I will try to describe in words a little bit of the feeling and atmosphere of that night so the people who couldn’t attend to, can get an idea about it. I myself was stressed. I confess it. The effort of tuning people speaking another language and many of them had arrived in Athens after the beginning of the festival, so that everything could work perfectly, was a quite stressful one indeed.

10th Low Bap Festival

27, 28, 29, 30, 31 Of December 2006 - Ston Aera Music Stage... Count the steps, count the words, count your height within ten years, count the many beautiful things gathered for your grace, may I take pride in you...Low Bap Festival. Trying to find the thread of narrating the l0th Low Bap Festival which has just finished, I thought of paraphrasing some older lyrics. Besides, the festival is just like a child who also grows up within the low bap family trying his first steps on unknown pathways. That's the picture I have in mind for the festival, plus, all of us who participated in this last one from the 27th until the 31st of December are perceive it pretty much the same way.

9th Low Bap Festival

9th Low Bap Festival 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 of December 2005 -
Ston Aera Music Stage/ Petroupolis
I feel that not even a second has passed since the end of this festival...The 9th in a row festival organised by the Low Bap Foundation at the west of Attica, at Petroupolis more specifically, is such a vivid memory in our ears and soul. As we watch the photographs taken, we remember its moments and we silently wish to last longer! The people had come from all across Greece. Guys from places like Thebes, Larisa, Lamia, Kozani, Rhodes island, Chios island, Thessalonica, Patra, Crete, from various Athens and Attica neighbourhoods talked or sang to us...Many new faces as well as some older ones (in no way ''bad'' ones!) all having engraved in their eyes the excitement of participation in this, traditional by now, annually date...From our part, as we organise the whole event, it is truly important knowing that a lot of people choose spending these family days with our company. We feel in a way that not only the low bap family gets bigger but that low bap itself is a part of many other families...This report consists of a very small sample of all those great things taken place at Ston Aera Music Stage,

8th Low Bap Festival

17 - 31 of December 2004
Moments with substance, a crack in time before the end of the year, a strange feast, a hug and rap. Low Bap. Festival. Eighth in a row and a lucky one! The date during which every year we rewarm our relationship has been over for a few days now! Something like that must be happening in the minds of many people who don't consider December to be gone without a Low Bap Festival.