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Madmoana is about an audiovisual album containing songs built up exclusively by natural sounds such us wave sounds, train sounds, sounds of wooden objects, nuts, sounds of water elements. Moreover, the sounds in question are often recorded in factories where various machines are working, screws are being screwed and levers are in use. The beat could be the sound of a boxer knocking his box or by tools used on a shoe repair workshop…The bass could be coming from the deeps of a ship. As for the guitar or any other physical instrument used, are all recorded live on open land, like near water fountains, into the wilderness of a forest or between the rocks of a cave, and not into a studio lab. They are also played by some very gifted session musicians indeed; Yiannis Papatriantafyllou (contrabass), Stavros Lantsias (piano, keyboards), David Lynch (wind instruments), Costas Anastasiades (drums, percussions) and others, all participate in this special project. As for the recording procedure, many expertised machinery and specialised microphones are used which literally travel the listener both to the very moment of the recording and the natural space. All this ‘sound material’ is composed in such a way by B.D.Foxmoor so all the songs produced could sound both modern and primitive at the same time. Actually, the sounds don’t get worked by a certain technique but are combined with each other by the mastered technique of Active Member frontman and producer.

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