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Still looking for Morphine

Still looking for Morphine

Production Year: 2001

Direction: Yannis Fagras

Screenplay: Nicole Roussou, Yannis Fagras

Starring: Ekavi Doumas, Panagiotis Karras, Nicos Pomonis, Christina Fragkiadakes, Iosif Polizoides

Music score: Active Member

Running Time: 119 minutes

Synopsis: This uneven but particularly interesting film negotiates the wondering of an under-aged, intoxicated young girl into an unfriendly city, using convincing dialogues and sensitivity. This film directed by the newbie Yannis Fagras was one of the little surprises discovered during the Thessalonica Festival. In the leading role, an under-aged girl, bar-lover, machine head and addicted to drugs who tries to survive in an unfriendly city.
Director Yannis Fagras was born and raised in Greece and studied both film direction and theory of cinema in New York City. His first feature film entitled Still looking for Morphine, was distinguished at the Thessalonica Festival by the Association of Greek Film Critics for best film in 2001. The film had a successful commercial release and participation in several international festivals. Moreover, Sight & Sound magazine has included it in a list with the ‘75 hidden gems’ in the history of world cinema. He now lives and works in Greece as a director-producer. Filmography: Venus/1987, Camera Obscura/1990, Guts/1991-Best film award/Drama Festival, Still looking for Morphine/2001-GCFC Award/Thessalonica Festival, Death and the city/2007, Forget me not/2008(pre-production).