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Lost in the Dream (Theatrical Play)

Lost in the Dream (Theatrical Play)

The theatrical play named Lost in the Dream, is inspired by Federico Garcia Lorca’s Bloody Wedding. It is about a collaboration between the Sin Athina theatrical team, the group of Active Member and the well-known percussion musician Nicos Touliatos. This performance engages a fresh idea of presentation, more like an experiment, upon Lorca’s play which combines the poetic words of Lorca with both the revolutionary sound of hiphop music and the percussions instruments which move the human body of actors altering it into musical instrument producing sound and speech.

The play’s development is based on the dream; sometimes turns into darkness and nightmare, while other times overflows into merriness and brightness. Furthermore, this feeling of dream is being also punctuated by the light design along with the masks and costumes which hold an important role in the unwinding of the performance. The actors-figures during this play, move very likeable to an ancient drama chorus; either metaphysical or severely grounded. The sound produced by both the instruments and the actors’ bodies, creates frights and shiverings carrying ecstatically away the spectator. The performance’s final aim is reintroducing to the audience Lorca’s speech and work, plus, by the use of a more special directional logic and the contribution of more contemporary techniques, to bring the youth nearer.

Direction: Athina Pappa

Original Music: B.D.Foxmoor (active member)

Percussions: Nicos Touliatos

Guitar: Jamoan (active member)

On decks: dj Booker

Stage design/masks/costume: Sophia Zoumperi

Light design: Adrian Frilling

Starring: Athina Pappa, Katerina Savrani, Constantinos Caradimas, Demetres Morfakides, Nicos Touliatos, Adrian Frilling.

First Performance: Schedia Theatre at Gazi in 2006