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Common Place (Theatrical Play)

Common Place (Theatrical Play)

During the summer of 2010, the musical theatrical play named Common Place was presented as part of the Athens Festival. Text/Play: B.D.Foxmoor, Direction: Giorgos Paloumpis, Starring: Olia Lazarides, Active Member, 18 Beauford theatrical team.
The inspirers of the Common Place performance/act, have collected material coming from the feverish daily life of a big city, have registered/recorded/enlisted some words collected from the cement expanse, from the messing city planning, from the multi-coloured pulping space which spreads like a no man’s land to the civil canvas. These words are transubstantiate into Art, in a libretto of an opera of today both electric and electrified which wishes to become a powerful wedge of metal right into the loose meat of indifference, a ram of siege against the wall of apathy. In Common Place, the concert and the act transform into a shocked and shocking event which is able of elevating low instincts. Active Member’s fiery melancholy is weaning along Olia Lazarides’ lyrical speech surpassing the time frontiers and surmounting the boundaries lines which exclude, enclose and shut in.

The blasphemous officiate while the outcasts become the Masters of Now. The voiceless now write history within a land which turns into a way, at a place which turns into time. Olia and Active Member become the poets of a chaos which is being articulated so that the Present could remind us of the Past and thus, guileless but strong, we could dream of a Sometime. We are passing to Action from Embarrassment and so the Action may be the sister of Dream; as Walter Benjamin was saying. ( Giorgos-Ikaros Mpampasakis).

As Active Member likes describing it, ‘is a common place for both those who care about the beautiful things and those who search everywhere for them. It’s a place for those who resist.’ Apart from Active Member and Olia Lazarides as the ‘coryphaeus’ of this chorus, some members of the 18 Baeuford theatrical team (composed by people who have concluded the 18 Ano detoxication unit programme) also participate in this performance(more precisely: Giorgos Markopoulos, Vangelis Raptis, Costas Courtaras, Dorita Spanou, Yiannis Masclavanos, Thanasis Tsiolis) as well as Angelina Antoniades, Costas Corakis, Eva Tarsoules, Fedon Saridakes and Costas Agourogiannis.

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