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Direction: Aliki Danezi-Knudsen

Production Year: 2001

Music score: Active Member (co-production of Cyprus-Greece-Uruguay)

Long feature film which participated in the International Competitive Section of the 42th Film Festival of Thessalonica (Cypriot participation) with international casting and crew. The film was honoured with official participations in several other festivals (e.g. Rome, Montevideo)

Synopsis: The 28 year-old woman who bears this complicated name was born in Lyon in France and grown up in Lefkosia. She studied film direction and screenwriting in California and New York City, while Bar is her second fiction movie (co-production of Cyprus-Greece-Uruguay). The story takes place in both Uruguay and Lefkosia, and the leading role has a woman who seeks her lost for 12 years brother. At a bar of Montevideo, she discovers a photograph of his, next to an elderly female singer of tango…It is about a ‘road movie’ with a special directional line which dissented the festival; some people supported it whereas others not. The thematology of ‘greekness’ still remains open for her, at any rate. Besides that most of the film is shot in English, the director herself think that Bar holds on a greek identity. ‘It’s the living of the country and the culture that are evoked within the film’.