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Apology of an economic hit man, by Stelios Couloglou

Apology of an economic hit man, by Stelios Couloglou

Screenplay/Direction: Stelios Couloglou, Production: Spiros Mavrogenis
Co-production: Greek Centre of Cinema, Original Score: Active Member
Synopsis: Based on best-selling book Confessions of an economic hitman by John Perkins; the internal struggle of a man with his guilt and the fear of telling the truth. The film works as the definitive answer to President Bush’s question ‘Why do they hate us?’ It evokes the story of John Perkins, prominent member of the top-secret team of economic hit men who use fraudulent financial reports, pay-offs and extortions of Third World presidents, military coup d’états and political assassinations in order to create the global American Empire after the World War II. By the end of the decade of ’60, John Perkins meets Claudine, a femme fatale who seduces and recruits him on the team of the economic hit men. He is obliged to keep his silence until his death.

His job is convincing countries that are on strategic places important for the U.S, to accept enormous money loans for development activities and making sure that the contract works will be commissioned to american companies. Consequently, following these countries over loaning, the final goal is the economic and political dependence of them. If a leader doesn’t accept the proposals of the economic hit men, the CIA ‘dogs’ take over by murdering him or overthrowing his government by military coup. In the case where the ‘dogs’ fail, the American army invades the country applying the financial accords of Global Bank and the economic hit men; as it had happened in Iraq after the 2003 invasion.

After having succeeded in various missions in several countries of the Third World, Perkins tries by the end of the 70’s to convince the presidents of both Panama and Equator. As they both turn over his proposals, they both die a little later at two facsimile aeroplane crashes, the second had took place three months after the first. Perkins, convinced that the CIA’s dogs are responsible for those accidents, wants to talk and thus, he starts writing a book but after a series of pay-offs and threats, he keeps his silence. The 11/09/2001 events work as a turning point to his logic. As the American people don’t understand the reason of the attacks, which according to president George Bush are based ‘on the hatred of terrorists for our freedom and our way of life’, John Perkins decides to talk in spite of risking his life.

Based on rare propagandistic material exalting the job of the economic hit men, on film-noire style reconstructed sequences of their way of action and also on three exclusives filmed confessions of John Perkins, this documentary reveals the unknown mechanisms of the modern American empire and so the roots of Islamic terrorism, through the personal Odyssey of a man who struggles with his guilt and the fear of telling the truth. That’s the answer to president Bush’s question of ‘Why do they hate us?’