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Blame these too on the fire

Blame these too on the fire

A joint of lyrics and photographs by B.D.Foxmoor from 2000 until 2006. The new book is the second one containing lyrics of his (the first one was released in 2000 bearing the title Blame it on the Fire, published by Ellinika Grammata Editions). The lyrics comprised in this book, published by Kapsimi Editions, are written both without any sense of pose or elitism, and are being, as always, strong and direct, perfectly suitable for this strange time that we are living in.
Sadahzinia is as well responsible of the book’s whole diligence as of the prologue’s conduction, while Ramon, B.D.Foxmoor’s son, has written the epilogue.
Contents: Prologue (by Sadahzinia), lyrics (from a chronological order timing from 2006 until 2000) from the follow record releases: PYROMANTIC (2006), ANTITERRA/LOCATION:SONOROLLA(2005), BLAH-BLASPHEMY(2005), WASTED IN HIPHOPOLY(2005), DAINJA IN.OV(2004), WEDGE(2004), FIERA(2003-2004), SAMPLETERRA(2003), PASAMONTAGNA (2002-2003), PASSAGE TO THE EDGE OF A DREAM(2002), VAVILONA PROJECT(2002-2003), BRIGADA PROJECT(2001-2002), UMICAH 2(2001-2002), IN  TIMES OF WEIRD FEAR(2001), KRAMAHOPERRATA II(2001), VARIOUS PROJECTS(2000-2004), epilogue (by Ramon), full discography, photographs’ index.

Kapsimi Editions, p.324, soft-cover, 19 x 22, 5

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